MSORSM Area of Expertise - Life Members

No Area Of Expertise Name Specialization Organisation Email
1 Applied Mathematics Adem Kilicman (Prof. Dr.) Topology & Algebra UPM
2 Applied Mathematics Chuei Yee Chen (Dr) Calculus of variations - Existence and Regularity of Solutions to Variational Integrals UPM
3 Applied Mathematics Lee Soo Lin (Mrs.) UCSI UniKL
4 Applied Statistics Noor Akma Ibrahim (Assoc. Prof Dr) Survival Analysis UPM
5 Applied Statistics Noraida Abdul Ghani (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Facility Location Modelling, Stochastic Modelling, Risk Assessment, Forecasting, Design of Experiments, Applied Statistics USM
6 Applied Statistics Norshahida Shaadan (Dr) Performance Measurement, Data Envelopment Analysis UiTM
7 Applied Statistics Sanizah Ahmad Robust Statistics, Survival Analysis, Statistical Modeling UiTM
8 Applied Statistics Siti Meriam Zahari (Dr) Statistical Outliers, Time Series Econometrics, Decision Analysis, Forecasting UiTM
9 Applied Statistics Zuraidah Derasit Applied Statistics, Econometrics,Time Series Analysis UiTM
10 Data Analytics Haliza Hasan Social Research, Predictive Analysis UiTM
11 Decision Sciences Noor Asiah Ramli (Dr) Performance Measurement, Data Envelopment Analysis UiTM
12 Decision Sciences Nor Aliza Ab Rahmin Healthcare Scheduling UPM
13 Decision Sciences Norbaizura Kamaruddin Data Envelopment Analysis, Performance Evaluation, Quantitative Method UiTM
14 Decision Sciences Zalina Zahid (Dr) Performance Assessment, Frontier Methodology. Project Management UiTM
15 Financial Optimization Siti Aida Sheikh Hussin (Dr) Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Optimization, Operations Research UiTM
16 Financial/Operations Research Ilias Mamat (Prof. Dr) Simulation Modelling (Manufacturing), Quantitative Analysis (Finance & Investment), Fund Performance Evaluation, Benchmarking Sustainability Quest International University (QIUP), Perak
17 Financial/Risk Management Au Yong Hui Nee Financial/Risk Management, IT Applications, Occupational Safety and Health, Supply Chain Logistics UTAR
18 Operations Management Khairiah Salleh (Ir) Engineering Asset Management, Operational Readiness Airport Transfer (ORAT) KLIA2, Airport System and Performance specifications MAB
19 Operations Management Muhammad Rozi Malim (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Scheduling, Optimization, Metaheuristics, Operation Management, Operations Research UiTM
20 Operations Management Siti Norezam Othman Sustainability in Service & Manufacturing, Technology Innovation and R&D, Sustainable Operations and Technology Management UUM
21 Operations Management Wong Wai Peng(Dr) Operations Management, Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Research USM
22 Operations Management/IT Noorulsadiqin Azbiya Binti Yaacob (Dr) Service and Product Innovation, R&D and Innovation Management, ICT and Emergent Technology UUM
23 Operations Research Adam Baharum (Assoc. Prof.) Inventory, Maintenance Modelling USM
24 Operations Research Faridah Abdul Halim Queuing Theory, Quantitative Modeling , Operations Research, Operation Management UiTM
25 Operations Research Lee Lai Soon (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Heuristics & Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization Problems. UPM
26 Operations Research Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam (Dr) Operations Research, Schedulling UMT
27 Operations Research Ruzanita Mat Rani Simulation and Data Envelopment Analysis UiTM
28 Operations Research S. Sarifah Radiah bt Shariff (Dr) Facility Location Modelling, Decision Analysis, Optimization ,Stochastics Modelling Analysis UiTM
29 Operations Research Syariza Abdul Rahman (Dr) Time Tabling & Scheduling, Metaheuristic & Evolutionary Computation, Optimization UUM
30 Operations Research Zaitul Marlizawati Zainuddin (Dr) Operations Research, Heuristics Methods UTM
31 Operations Research Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Risk Management, Linear and Goal Programming, Engineering Mathematics UKM
32 Optimization Adibah Shuib (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Optimization, Mathematical Programming models, Management Mathematics, Vehicle Routing Problems UiTM,
33 Optimization Anwar Ali bin Vali Mohamed (Dr) Mathematical Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Data Integration The Optimization Expert
34 Optimization Lam Weng Hoe (Dr) Portfolio Optimization, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Data Envelopment Analysis, Goal Programming and Data Science UTAR
35 Optimization Pa'ezah Hamzah (Assoc. Prof) Halal Supply Chain (Logistics Modelling), Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Inventory Control and Management, Optimization UiTM
36 Optimization/Data Analytics Siti Shaliza Mohd Khairi Continuous Optimization, Data Mining UiTM
37 Statistical Computing Adnan Ahmad (Dr) Statistical Computing UiTM
38 Statistical Computing Sayang Mohd Deni (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Statistical Computing, Statistical Modeling UiTM
39 Suppy Chain Modelling Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Manufacturing Optimisation - Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management UKM
40 System Dynamics Nanthakumar A/L Karuppiah (Mr) System Dynamics, Credit Scoring, Optimization INTI
41 Total Quality Management Lim Kong Teong (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Total Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing (JIT), Manufacturing Flexibility UUM