MSORSM Aspiration



  • To organize an international conference, seminars, IFORS workshops, professional talks, training modules, linkages and collaborations with Operations Research societies worldwide and linkages with industries.


  • To publish newsletters, periodicals, journals, books, circulars and information leaflets after due permission from relevant authorities.


  • To give awards for outstanding academic or professional achievement.


  • To raise funds and to accept gifts, donations of bequests with a view of furthering directly or indirectly the objectives of the Society.

  3. MSORSM committed in advancing management science and operations research field of study. To realise this, the society will act proactively :
  5. To get universities involvement
  6. To get practitioners’ involvement
    1. Through seminar / workshop/talk
    2. Through industrial visits
  7. To conduct seminars for students and academician
    1. To promote learninng
    2. To promote application of MS/OR
    3. To promote the practice of MS/OR
    4. To provide a platform for MS/OR knowledge-sharing session through talks by local or international speakers
  8. To disseminate information related to MS/OR
    1. By producing a journal/newsletter/bulletin
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